Viva Mexico

Chairman's Forword


Time goes so quickly I can hardly believe that since taking on the roll of Chairman we are now approaching our third show. For many of us 'Viva Mexico' was unknown, all we knew was that the society had performed it in 1974 and that it had been enjoyed by all - both society members and audience. After reading it Tricia and I decided to apply to direct. It has been interesting to view a show from the other side and to experience the ups and downs of production work! I think we have both enjoyed it and hope that you will go home tonight feeling relaxed and happy after being transported to sunny Mexico.


My thanks as always must go to the society members for their commitment to putting on a show of this magnitude. Whether on or off stage their loyalty is invaluable and however small a role they play are in dispensable when putting on a production. Special thanks go to Marian our Musical Director and Tricia my co-director We have all remained good friends despite the trials and tribulations!


Lastly our thanks go to you our audience for your loyal support. We are always looking for new members so if you feel like joining us do not hesitate to come down in September. We would love to see you and assure you of a warm welcome. This will be my last major production as Chairman of the society. I feel privileged to have held the position and hope my successor will enjoy the roll as much as I have.


Enjoy your evening


Jane Morris


Director's Forword


Hot Mikado was new and original, Die Fledermaus was a well known Strauss favourite and Viva Mexico is a revival from the past. After watching the show we feel sure you will ask yourself why it is not performed more often with catchy, popular musical numbers that you will instantly recognise. Viva Mexico is packed with colour, energy and comedy - a treat for all the family. We hope you will enjoy the fun of this show as much as we have enjoyed directing it.


Tricia Jones


Jane Morris