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The story based upo a trade union dispute set in a factory of sewing machinists, office workers and shop stewards.


Sleep Tite Pajamas is not a happy factory. The Owner, Mr. Hassler, an overbearing boss is trying at any cost to avoid paying a 7 and a 1/2 cent pay rise demanded by the union.


Into this unsettled atmosphere arrives Sid Sorokin, a former cutting room foreman, who has bluffed his way into the job of factory superintendent. Sid's problems start immediately when confronted by the factory romeo and Union President, Prey, and the head of the Grievance Committee, the voluptuous "Babe" Williams.


Sid is imediately smitten with Babe, who ignores his advances. Vernon Hines, the factory time and motion clerk, when not watching the clock is watching the love of his life, Gladys, the boss's secretary.


The workers fully committed to the union are also committed to the factory's "Once a Year Day", the annual picnic where everyone lets their hair down!


With a little help from Gladys, "True Love" finds a way, and Sid and Babefall into each others arms, the union dispute is settled and Sid gets his girl!


Pajama Game is one of the great Romantic Comedy shows written, and is packed with hit tunes such as:-


The Pajama Game, Im not at All in Love, Hey There, Steam Heat, Once a Year Day, Hernandos Hideaway

March 7th - March 12th 2016

Torch Theatre, Milford Haven

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This is the first time for me to review a society perfoming The Pajama Game and it is interesting as I will see this show again next month in District 5. The musical based on the novel ‘7½ Cents’ by Richard Bissell and opened in 1954 on Broadway. The subject, labour difficulties, was of course a hot topic at the time.


The opening number “Racing with Clock” really set the ambiance in the theatre and it was a great opening to the show. It introduced Hines well played by Luke Broughton who set the tone for the union problems and the high profile grievance committee led by an outstanding performance both vocally and dramatically from the leading lady Terri Harrison playing Babe Williams. Plant Superintendent Sid Sorokin (Charles Owen) and Babe soon fall for each other and this came over well in their respective roles. Charles tackled each song head on and he truly enjoyed being on stage performing.


Bringing their individual talents to the show were Nicholas Allen as Prez, Steve Butler as Hasler, Karen Barker as Gladys, Hilary Robinson as Mabel, Joy Church as Mae, Naomi Harrison as Brenda, Jeff McCarthy as Pop, Glesni Edwards as Poopsie, James Marjoram as Charlie, Shaun Pollard as First Helper, Shane Morgan as Joe and Arron Evans as The Salesman. The above cast worked well together bringing characterisation and true enjoyment to the stage


The principle cast was well supported by the “Factory Workers” and Dancers and the backstage crew without whom no show would ever reach the stage. It was nice to see the cast members supporting the backstage crew with moving set on stage.


Each and every one of the cast were an individual on stage with their own characterisations and personalities which came across so well, bringing the musical to life.


Every member wanted to be on stage performing and this showed in their performance, it was very apparent that everyone was enjoying being on stage.


Da Iawn Milford Haven AOS.

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