Professor Harold Hill is a gilt-edged con artist, whose presence in River City, Iowa, changes the life of the credulous townspeople forever when he organises a boy’s band in order to sell them non-existent musical instruments.


This Meredith Wilson’s affectionate slice of folksy Americana features the show-stopping songs “Trouble”, “Till there was you” and “76 Trombones”.


The Music Man

Review by Noda Rep. Mr. Brian Slate (District Six)


This was my first visit to this society.  The Torch Theatre where they usually perform was undergoing major refurbishment so the show was performed at the local secondary school.

Not having seen this show before I didn’t quite now what to expect, but from the time the orchestra struck up I knew I was in for a very enjoyable evening.  The very large cast of varying age groups played and performed with great vigour, enthusiasm and commitment and showed that they were obviously enjoying themselves at the same time.  The leading role of Harold Hill was played by Daniel Bower who impressed with his diction, movement and singing.  He received good support from Karen Barker, Nathan Davies and Nick Parry who played the parts of Marian Paroo, Marcellus Washburn and Charlie Cowell respectively.  Convincing performances were also given by Geoff McCarthy as Mayor Shinn, Val Arnold as Eualalie Mackecknie Shinn and Terri Harrison as Mrs Paroo.  I thought the male quartet of Charles Owen, David Coates, Keith Luke and Charlie Cooper were well cast and added humour to many of the scenes.

The finale of the show was particularly rousing, enforcing the audience to tap their feet and sending them home singing seventy six trombones.

Congratulations to the production team for their efforts in putting on this big show with so little room to work with.  Well done.  The young orchestra, under the baton of Marion Harries certainly created the right atmosphere.

Thank you Milford for the splendid hospitality and I look forward to meeting you again in the not so distant future.


Director: Chris Prosser

Musical Director: Marian Harries