South Pacific

Director: Anne Trew

Musical Director: Marian Harries


It's World War II and the US army has stationed a base on a South Pacific island. Soon, a young nurse, Nellie Forbush, falls in love with a middle-aged French plantation owner, Emile de Becque. The two have a troubled romance as Nellie slowly discovers the details of de Becque's past. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Cable arrives to head a mission to create a spy post on a Japanese-held island. Bloody Mary, the island souvenir dealer, sets Cable up with her daughter, Liat. After Cable refuses to marry the girl, Bloody Mary drags her away to find a new suitor. Soon, Cable must begin his dangerous mission. After considerable thought and pressure, de Becque agrees to be Cable's guide. In the end, Cable dies but de Becque survives and will live a life of happiness with Nellie.

Anne and Joe Sequeira Broad Haven

“Well done Milford Haven Operatic Society on your splendid production of South Pacific. Where did you get the orchestra from? The best that we have ever heard at the Torch. The scenery was top quality! Congratulations to all.”

Mrs Judy Thomas

“Thoroughly enjoyed the performance, one of the best the Milford Operatic have done! Nellie Forbush and Bloody Mary were outstanding.”

Dr Terry Jones

“Must be outstanding as could not get tickets!! “

Chris Lewis

“Also could not get tickets, I feel I have missed something special”

What the audience thought

      Review by Mr Brian Slate     Noda Rep District Six


The society returned to the newly refurbished Torch Theatre with Roger and Hammerstein’s blockbuster South Pacific.

A very strong male and female chorus of marines and nurses gave a good backing throughout the show.  I thought the men’s “Dame” number was very well done.  Charles Owen made an excellent Emile and provided the romance with Nellie played by Janine Riggs.  Their voices blended splendidly in all their musical numbers.

The marines were led by Steve Butler playing Luther Billis who gave a very convincing and humorous performance.  Other cameo roles were played by James Owen (Cable), Gary Crane (Brackett) and Jeff McCarthy (Harbison).  Blood Mary who squeezed every last dollar out of the marines was played by Karen Barker.  Jerome and Ngana, De Beque’s children were played delightfully by Matthew Cole and Emily Lloyd.

The production was put together quite expertly by the producer, choreographers and assistants.  The orchestra had a nice sound and moved along quite briskly under the baton of Musical Director Marian Harris.  A very different curtain call.  Bali Hai sung completely in French.  Well done!


Thank you Milford for your hospitality.


I look forward to meeting with you all once again very soon.