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6th - 11th March 2017

Torch Theatre

Food Glorious Food, You’ve Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two, Consider Yourself and As Long As He Needs Me, are just some of the sings from Lionel Bart’s brilliant musical reworking of Charles Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist.


The Artful Dodger, Fagin, Nancy and Bill Sykes are brought vividly to life int this full length production which follows the adventures of the orphaned workhouse boy who dared to say “Please sir, I want some more.”

Finlay Ryder & Yori Evans



Ieuan Roberts & Jack Evans


The Artful Dodger

Rhiannon Stephens



Steve Butler



Daniel Bower


Bill Sykes

Karen Barker & Nathan Davies


Mr & Mrs Sowerby

16833624_10155041853794136_1345938541_o DSCF5285

Ed Smith


Mr Bumble

Terri Harrison


Widow Corney

NODA review

This was a very good production by Milford Haven and something very different to last year’s PAJAMA GAME!


Finlay Ryder was a very charming Oliver and sang wonderfully, he was supported by Ieuan Roberts who played the Artful Dodger along with a strong band of Orpahns and pickpockets. It was encouraging to male and female in multi gender roles promoting equality which is vital in today’s theatre. The adult principles were extremely strong Ed Smith played Mr Bumble played a convincing role with great conviction. Karen Baker and Nathan Davies who played Mr and Mrs Sowerby brought great characters to life with their confidence and working well together on stage. Steve Butler played a very convincing Fagin and sang his famous song with great aplomb. They were supported by Rhiannon Stephens as Nancy, she has a beautiful voice and Daniel Bower was a very good Bill Sykes. A special mention must go to Terri Harrison as Widow Corney a Police Sergeant by day and an outstanding actress by night! Terri has been nominated as Best Performer in District 6 in 2016. She has a beautiful voice and always shows firm confidence when performing.


There was a strong chorus and the “Oompah” number raised the theatres roof. A wonderful set and nice lighting plots all added to the experience form the audience’s perspective. The band played well accompanying the company on stage.


This was a good production and you should all be proud of the outcome. You have been faced with various issues and have excelled in recruiting the young people and putting this show together.


Da Iawn Milford Haven!