Set in London in the 1930s,

Lambeth’s own cockney sparrow,

Bill, is discovered to be the

long lost Earl of Hareford and

 the ensuing tale follows his

‘education’ into the world of the

posh - losing then refinding

his love, Sally.


This comical, happy and upbeat show with its classic themes of rags to riches and true love winning through is especially loved for its wonderful showstopping songs such Lambeth Walk, Leaning on a Lamp Post and The Sun Has Got his Hat On to mention just a few.


Me and My Girl

Director: Sarah Middleton

Musical Director: Marian Harries

Torch Theatre Milford Haven

19th - 24th March 2012

Aaron Lewis As Bill

Elinor Crane As Sally

Naomi Harrison As Jaquie

Dan Bower As Gerald

Jeff McCarthy as Sir Jasper

Shane Morgan As Parchester

Charles Owen As Sir John

Karen Barker As Duchess

Leighton Hicks As Lord Batersby

Janine Wilson As Lady Batersby

Rehearsals / Show


Thanks to Carol Best for

the production photos!

Show Reveiw

 To a full house on the Friday night,the cast of this perennial favourite

 delivered the goods all the way down the line.Any remaining winter blues

 amongst audience members must surely have been banished by the end of the

 evening as we were willingly swept along on the frothy wave of this light

 hearted musical concoction.Yet again,the Society is most fortunate in having

 that essential mix of youth and maturity - along with all points in

 between.Consequently experience,verve and pzazz melded to make a well

 balanced show.


 Playing Bill,our hero, was yet another feather in the cap of Aaron Lewis.His

 most assured performance combined impressive vocal ability with an

 instinctive sense of comic timing and charm - the latter attributes

 reminding me of an equally youthful Tommy Steele long ago. Aaron was

 perfectly matched by Elinor Crane as the quite delightful love of his

 life.Added to her lovely singing voice was the quality of gentle dignity she

 brought to the role of Sally from Lambeth. We could all see why Bill

 wouldn't have changed her for the world.Naomi Harrison was spot on as the

 aristocratic Lady Jaqueline displaying all her musical and acting skills.And

 it was a real pleasure to see Daniel Bower once more back on stage - and his

 was a perfectly executed performance in every way playing the

 Hon.Gerald.Karen Barker(Duchess of Dene)shone as "the baddie" and delivered

 the role with obvious relish and style. Charles Owen was an excellent foil

 for her as the put upon Sir John,playing the part with an easy grace. In a

 sparkling performance, Shane Morgan brought a definite measure of panache to

 the role of the family solicitor. Equally,Janine Wilson,Leighton Hicks,Jeff

 McCarthy,Bill Hirst and Sarah Colquhoun all brought to their parts that

 necessary flair which is so important in successful ensemble playing. The

 ladies and gentlemen of the Chorus and those in smaller named parts were

 uniformly committed and also most effective in their given roles.The

 dancing too was well executed and enjoyable.The hugely good orchestra under

 the baton of Musical Director Marian Harris made a considerable contribution

 towards the whole as we hummed along with familiar, well loved tunes.It

 would be a trifle unfair to pick out any specific musical numbers as all

 were delivered so extremely well by each of the principals and by chorus

 members.However,I do feel I must give a little nod to the Duchess and The

 Ancestors; "Song Of Hareford" went down a storm!


 Congratulations must go to Producer Sarah Middleton and all of the

 production and back room team,as well as to Musical Director,Marian Harris.

 A word of praise also for the hardworking stage crew who coped so well with

 the very big sets.

 It was a fun night and a truly enjoyable one for all of us "watchers".

 Very,very well done . . . . . . . and here's to the next time!

Jenny Whyte